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March 20-23, master snow craftsman Krush Kulesza and his crew at Snowboy Productions headed to the Alberta for the sixth event in The Village series, Legend of the Village.

Years ago, The Village events began at Sunshine Village in Banff in collaboration with Calgary brothers Finn and JJ Westbury and SRD (as an evolution of the SRD Sessions). The first event was Dawn of the Village in 2018. (Since then, Snowboy has been Back in the Village, there's been the Rise of the Village, It Came from the Village, and Tales from the Village.)

This year, dozens of riders descended on Banff and hopped in the SSV gondola for Legend of the Village.

Drawing local riders in the Bow Valley as well as visitors from much further away, The Village events are a hallmark of the strength of the Alberta snowboard scene and an opportunity for the community to gather together to shred a super creative set up. 

They're also a chance to shine a spotlight on the talent that Alberta incubates, riders with deep bags of tricks and a "ride in all conditions" mentality. The later is especially helpful when snowy days aren't unusual in Banff well past the advent of spring.

Of course, The Village events, true to form for all Snowboy builds, are known for their creative set ups, parks that are loaded with lines that riders discover over the course of three days while building off one another's riding. 

This year, Legend of the Village continued the tradition and snowboarders showed up to Sunshine on March 20th for three days of filming and taking photos, plus a fourth day when the set up was open to the public to ride on March 23rd.

Renowned photographer Stephan Jende was at the event and you can check out his images on the @snowboyproductions Instagram.

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Watch the video above, filmed and edited by Jourdain Basaraba, with additional filming by Austin Basaraba, JJ Westbury, Andrew Selby, and Sean Marko, to see what went down over three days at Sunshine.

Riders in order of appearance: George Malcom, Adel Talyspayeva, Kamal Eldood, Bryan Bowler, Jeremy Toews, Colin Jakilazek, Jack Collins, Brett Mills, Momoka Fujikawa, Ian Scherrer, Adam Balon, John Chew, Mike Stastook, William Fraser, Hayden Edwards, Liam Berger, Andrew Munro, Alex Heemeryck, Rob Wells, Matt Tam, Owen Cline, Laura Rogoski, Kai Spitzer, Sarah Kelly, Tanner Wegner, Jamieson Yee, Hayden Mactavish, Logan Burness, Phil Mckarckin, Joshua Lebrun, Aaron Tam, Evan Riddell, Elena Graglia, Bryce Bugera, Eric Martin, Conner Felix, Kalin Park, Kiseo Hong, Samuel Smith, Owen Wilson, Stefan Alverez, Cori Stevens, Jacob Mortenson, Rob Wells, Kevin Beaudet, and Gregor Zed.

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