Snowboard Iskola

Craig McMorris is kind of the Steve Nash of snowboarding. We've always said that.

The Saskatchewan-raised rider is a known commodity in a pair of hockey skates, but new video footage showcases his prowess...not on a basketball court, exactly but in Mammoth Unbound when it's transformed into a hybrid sports arena and he's playing a never-before-played hybrid sport against fellow Canadian destroyer, Sebastien Toutant.

It's the Red Team, led by Seb, verses the Blue Team, led by Craig, in three challenges. Anna Gasser, Brock Crouch, LJ Henriquez, Cool Wakushima, Clemens Millauer, and Hiroto Ogiwara are among the riders on the varsity line up. Not to spoil the ending, but Seb's riding and coaching combine to bring the Red Team to the overall W.

Basically, Seb's combo of athletic skill and team leadership kind of makes him the Larry Bird of snowboarding. Or the Phil Jackson. Or Caitlin Clark (in the future if she goes on to have a coaching career). I don't know. Think of a famous basketball player that went on to become a coach. I don't watch basketball.

Anyway, there's some really good boarders in this esoteric video from Red Bull. Enjoy some of the world's finest having a fun day at Mammoth.

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