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Joe Rogan is not afraid to dive headfirst into any topic, but recently, he hit a funny linguistic wall when it came to the word "cornice."

During a lively chat with singer-songwriter Zach Bryan about all things outdoorsy, the two ventured into the conversation of mountain adventures. Talk of renowned climber Jimmy Chin led them down a snowy path to "Free Solo" and the late Marc André Leclerc. But there, amidst the peaks and snowdrifts, Rogan found himself grappling with a verbal mountain of his own: the word "cornice."

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In the midst of discussing Leclerc's tragic demise, they learned that it might have been due to an avalanche caused by a "cor-niece" fall. The pronunciation hiccup triggered laughter, as the two navigated the slippery slopes of linguistics. Rogan and Bryan good-heartedly ribbed themselves about the word, admitting that no average person would be confident about it.

In the world of podcasting, it's the spontaneous moments of linguistic hilarity like this that remind us that even the most prominent hosts are, at their core, regular people just trying to navigate the "cor-nices" of life, one amusing twist at a time.

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