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As the winter season in New Zealand draws to a close, we are buzzing about Kaito Hamada's jaw-dropping frontside 720. He begins with a stylish Japan grab, setting the stage for the first 360-degree spin. With remarkable precision, he tweaks his body position, adding an unexpected level of style and finesse to the trick. But the magic doesn't stop there. As he completes the first 360, Hamada somehow contorts into a shifty. This unexpected twist during the second 360 takes his already impressive trick to a whole new level. His flawless execution and seamless transition from one spin to the next showcase his unparalleled board control and creativity.

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In a world where snowboarding tricks like the 1980s and 1620s have become commonplace, it's riders like Kaito Hamada who remind us why we fell in love with the sport in the first place. His ability to push the boundaries of what's possible on a snowboard is what makes him a true innovator in the snowboarding community.

So as winter bids farewell to New Zealand, the memory of Kaito Hamada's frontside 720 will linger, inspiring riders around the world to dream big and push the limits of what's possible on the slopes.

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