Snowboard Iskola

This recent clip posted by Union Binding Company on Instagram, @unionbindingco, hit the internet hard this past week. Japanese snowboarder @k0oooo0ki show cases some crazy flat ground spins to show us how it is done, and it has got our heads spinning almost as much as his board!

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Flat ground snowboard tricks, performed on level terrain without obstacles, showcase riders' technical prowess and style. Tricks like ollies, nollies, and butter spins involve manipulating the board while maintaining balance. Ollies, lifting the board off the ground, and nollies, similar but from the nose, are fundamental. Buttering involves twisting the board and shifting weight for fluid motions. Shuv its and 180s entail rotating the board mid air or on the ground. Pop shuv its add a 360 degree spin to this. Tricks like presses, bonks, and grabs emphasize board control and creativity. Riders continually innovate, combining these elements to craft their unique flat ground repertoire, demonstrating skill and artistry.

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