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Snowboarding has always been about taming Mother Nature's playground, but in recent years, it's gotten a street inspired flair, thanks to the influence of street skateboarding. Urban handrails and city vibes have crept into snowboard video parts and terrain parks, giving the natural mountainous terrain a run for its money.

But in Vans' latest video, "Bless the Ledge," Parker Szumowski takes a refreshing detour. He pays a charming homage to snowboarding's roots with a tree jib that'll leave you wondering if he's a snowboarder or a woodland gymnast. Maneuvering through the forest, Parker turns trees into makeshift rails and ramps with a finesse that's nothing short of magical.

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It's like a quirky date with nature, reminding us that even with all the street-style swagger, snowboarders still have a soft spot for the great outdoors. "Bless the Ledge" serves as a delightful nudge, urging us to embrace the wild side of snowboarding while adding a touch of lighthearted creativity to the sport. So, grab your board and head for the hills, but don't forget to tip your hat to the trees. They're not just for hugging; they're for shredding, too! 

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"Mike Ravelson interviews Parker Szumowski while Savannah Shinske learns stick shift. Also featuring Blake Paul, Jake Kuzyk, Cannon Cummins & others. Made possible by Vans Snowboarding, 2023."

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