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Scotty James, the Australian snowboarding sensation known for his incredible talent and innovative tricks, stunned the world with an unthinkable feat during his recent training session in Saas Fee. Scotty James is a household name in the snowboarding community, having clinched numerous titles and pushing the boundaries of the sport. He's renowned for his creative maneuvers on the halfpipe.

Yesterday, while practicing in the Swiss Alps, Scotty James executed a Switch McTwist, But what left the snowboarding world awestruck was his seamless transition back to his regular stance after completing the maneuver. It was an audacious move that, by our estimations, has never been witnessed before.

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Saas Fee's status as a glacier, remaining open during the fall, is pivotal for world-class athletes in winter sports. Its year-round snow and ice, ideal snow conditions, variety of terrain, and high altitude make it an exceptional training ground. Athletes can practice on consistent, competition-like surfaces, acclimatize to high altitudes, and enjoy an extended training season, crucial for strength-building.  This unique opportunity to train in optimal conditions during the off-season solidifies Saas Fee's reputation as an indispensable training hub for athletes aiming for excellence on the global stage.

Many pros reacted positively to James' new stunt:

The pros are pumped.

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