Snowboard Iskola

For nearly a decade, Jake Aaronson had been a snowboarding sensation, captivating the industry with his skills on rails. His latest project was an extraordinary feat in this modern age. Armed with just one camera, a single battery, a tripod, three shovels, and a drop-in ramp, Jake embarked on a unique journey.

"One camera, one battery, a tripod, 3 shovels and a drop in ramp. This is how I went about creating this project. I started on the first of January, with the intention to visit as many east coast DIY spots as possible, all while filming my street shit. Until the end of March I was in search of snow in the North East, exploring places I have never been. I treated everyday like it was my job, getting motivated by scoping the most visually pleasing and or fun spots with as minimal build as I could find. With only my Manfrotto tripod and a beat up Panasonic 4k Handy-Cam with a single battery, I traveled from Boston, Massachusetts, all the way up to Portland, Maine, and out to Albany, New York. Many of the spots I had no prior knowledge of and no tips. It was just me and my equipment, packed into my truck." 

Starting on New Year's Day, he crisscrossed the East Coast in search of hidden DIY spots. From Boston, Massachusetts, to Portland, Maine, and all the way to Albany, New York, he explored uncharted territories. Without prior knowledge or tips, he relied solely on his determination and equipment.

Every day felt like a mission as he sought out visually stunning and minimally built spots. Jake Aaronson's one-man snowboarding odyssey was a testament to his passion, dedication, and the true spirit of adventure in a digital age.

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