Snowboard Iskola

It's been two weeks since what we can confidently say was one of the best weekends of the season as the second edition of The Uninvited Invitational took place at Woodward Park City.

There was a live broadcast, there are tons of photos to check out, and ICYMI, here is the official Uninvited Invitational recap from Slush the Magazine.

Both the tricks and the overall vibe are captured in this video, filmed by Justin Meyer and Mia Lambson, and edited by Meyer. We'll stop talking so you can starting watching.

Here's more to check out about The Uninvited Invitational here and here.

And here are the official results.

First – Telma Särkipaju ($13,000)
Second – Iris Pham ($10,000)
Third – Jess Perlmutter ($7,000)
Fourth – Grace Warner ($5,000)
Fifth – Livia Tanno ($3,000)

Best Trick – Annika Morgan (backside 270 to lipslide on the DFD) ($1,500)
Most Creative – Naima Antolin ($1,500)
Heart Award – Madison Blackley ($1,500)
Best Bail – Jaylen Hanson ($1,500)
One to Watch – Jubes Pelchat ($1,500)
Best Air – Emma Crosby ($1,500)
Style Award – Momo Fujikawa ($1,500)
Unleash the Beast – Nora Beck ($1,500)
Subaru Rookies – Ellie Weiler and Jess Perlmutter ($1,500)
Baldface Best Air – Novalie Engholm ($1,500)