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High Fives Foundation's latest safety documentary, "Triangle of Safety: Speed, Space, Self" has been released. This impactful film, available online since January 25th, delivers crucial safety messages, especially aimed at youth, to prevent accidents and promote responsible outdoor recreation, and viewers are describing it as a "must see" for those engaged in winter sport activity.

Featuring insights from professional athletes and the heartfelt story of the Johnson family, who tragically lost their daughter Elise in a skiing accident, this documentary emphasizes the importance of control, respect for others' space, and self-awareness on the slopes.

High Fives Foundation is a non profit organization dedicated to preventing life-changing injuries in the outdoor sports community, and has released its latest safety documentary titled "Triangle of Safety: Speed, Space, Self" as part of its B.A.S.I.C.S. (Being Aware and Safe in Critical Situations) program.

The core message of this short documentary revolves around the B.A.S.I.C.S. Triangle of Safety, focusing on three key elements – speed, space, and self. The family, along with professional big mountain skiers, shares personal experiences and practical tips to encourage responsible behavior on the slopes.

The video addresses the critical need for maintaining control over speed, respecting personal space, and self-awareness. It emphasizes the downhill skier or rider's right of way and promotes situational awareness as a crucial aspect of safety. The athletes stress the importance of knowing one's limits, managing risks, and always checking in with oneself before engaging in any outdoor activity.

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