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You read that right. A 109-foot rail. Over 100 attempts.

The grit, determination, and sheer single mindedness that one must possess in order to hit a rail and try to do a trick over 100 times is a characteristic specific to that of a professional snowboarder. It took Craig McMorris over 100 times to hit this very long, 109 foot rail... it actually took 119 tries, to be exact. And he finally got it! It is the longest rail that Craig has ever hit so far in his life, and Red Bull Snow Canada put him up to the challenge. See his battle below.

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Achieving success as a professional athlete demands unwavering determination and unyielding perseverance, as is shown firsthand in this long battle from Craig McMorris. Endless hours of repetition, overcoming physical and mental obstacles, and pushing beyond your limits are simply essential in reaching goals and achieving the impossible in snowboarding. Success in sports in general is not merely a result of talent, but a testament to the resilience and tenacity to endure set backs, learn from failures, and relentlessly pursue excellence, embodying the spirit of dedication that defines true champions - as Craig has proven that he is within this battle.

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