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As winter rolled in, Tiarn Collins, the Kiwi snowboarding ATV, hit up Prime Park in Stubai, Austria. It was the perfect spot to unleash a particularly creative move and embrace the snowy playground.

With a smoothness that made it look easy, Tiarn launched a perfect 720. The snow below might as well have been his personal red carpet, it was that flawless.

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Time kinda slowed down as he twisted and turned, making it seem like he owned the sky. The chilly air around seemed to hold its breath, like it knew it was witnessing something epic.

He stuck the landing like it was just another walk in the park, leaving behind a mark that screamed, "This is how it's done!"

This sprawling glacial paradise offers pristine slopes for skiing and snowboarding, drawing winter enthusiasts from across the globe. In the summer, its snow-capped peaks transform into a haven for hikers and climbers, unveiling breathtaking vistas and serene trails. With its diverse terrain and stunning panoramas, the Stubai Glacier stands as an emblem of nature's grandeur and an adventurer's delight.

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