Snowboard Iskola

We appreciate a good ad. The commercials are our favorite part of the Superbowl. Because it is challenging to make a really good advertisement, something that gets the message across in a memorable way and prevents the marketing from falling into the brain bin that contains all of the prescription ads that run together with their long lists of side effects...but we digress).

This is all to say: Waterville Valley made us smile with this one.

A spoof, of course, on The Office, Waterville's The Mountain is a look at what happens to resort staff once the snow starts to melt, a sort of reverse "seasonal depression" the HR exec explains.

The acting, the camerawork—everything is entertaining and when things get to the bottom line, to buy a season pass early (to make WV's staff feeling better about the melting snow), we're not upset that the whole thing has been a commercial.

10/10 marketing, Waterville. Now get your season pass if you're in NH.