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I’m sort of a newbie at snowboarding, and i was looking at my board tonight and i noticed i had a small gouge down to the core on my snowboard, really small, but i could see the core, and I thought, since i need to get this fixed why not just get a whole tune done since the edges are starting to get dull, and the bottem is getting a little rough, and ive been thinking about these two places, and theres only a 10 dollar difference, but the cheaper one offers a ptex repair at no extra charge, one is up at the mountain, and one is at a shop that isnt too far from me. Heres the description for the one up at the mountain thats near me, heres the site and description: : Rentals and Service | Potter Brothers Ski & Snowboard Shop – Quality Equipment and Knowledge, Ski and Snowboard Sales and Great Deals Full Stone-Grind Tuneup: A full tune at Potter Brothers entails stone grinding, side surface grinding, sharpening edges, and hot wax.

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which place should i get my board tuned out of these 2?