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You can never be too safe, people!!! We know that snowboarding is fun and being dangerous and taking chances can be fun, but take a look at the magnitude of this in-bounds avalanche.

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Yes, this was in-bounds off of Glacier chair along the traverse to the grey zone at Whistler Resort in British Columbia, Canada. That is some serious stuff right there. 

Backcountry safety and avalanche awareness are absolutely essential for snowboarders venturing beyond resort boundaries. And clearly, you even have to be careful in-bounds at resorts, so backcountry awareness can be beneficial for all of us. Yes, the allure of untouched powder and challenging terrain often conceals potential dangers, but understanding snow conditions, weather patterns, and terrain features is crucial to mitigating avalanche risks. Proper education can empower snowboarders to make informed decisions, use essential safety equipment like beacons, probes, and shovels to navigate potential hazards. Vigilance and preparedness can mean the difference between an amazing adventure and a life-threatening situation. Responsible backcountry practices not only safeguard individuals but also contribute to the overall safety of the mountain community, so that things like this can happen without anyone getting hurt.

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