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Recent reports from SnowBrains have highlighted a concerning trend in the inflation of lift ticket prices at Vail Mountain. The resort has made headlines by announcing that it intends to charge as much as $300 for a single day pass in the upcoming season. This significant price increase has drawn attention, especially when compared to European ski resorts, which have yet to breach the three-digit price range. As a result, European destinations are emerging as attractive alternatives for middle-class American skiers and snowboarders.

"The development of the price for a day pass at Vail, CO, compared to an inflation-adjusted price based on the $5 day pass from 1962. Inflation is based on CPI data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. /Picture: SnowBrains/Julia Schneemann" 

Julia Schneemann

The issue of escalating ticket prices in the United States has historical roots. Up until the 1980s, lift ticket costs in the U.S. closely mirrored those in Europe and kept pace with inflation. However, a shift occurred during this decade when ticket prices in the U.S. began to surge far beyond the rate of inflation.

To provide context, when Vail Mountain first opened its doors in 1962, a day pass for the ski lifts was a mere $5. Adjusted for inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), that same ticket should have been approximately $44 by the year 2022. However, in the last season, the actual price reached an astonishing $239, signifying a significant departure from the expected cost based on inflation alone. This stark contrast has sparked conversations about the affordability and accessibility of skiing and snowboarding in the U.S. compared to European counterparts.

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