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In an era where massive spins and triple corks are winning gold medals and garnering the largest contracts in the world, this throwback clip of Moritz Thonen's 540 from Absolut Park's event "the spring battle" is just about the most impressive 540 we've ever seen. Starting with a Japan Grab and seamlessly transitioning into a method, this trick is a thing of beauty.

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Absolut Park, located in the heart of Austria's Salzburgerland, has a storied history in the world of freestyle skiing and snowboarding. Established in the early 2000s, this snow park has become a legendary destination for riders seeking massive jumps, creative features, and pristine conditions. It has played host to numerous prestigious events, including the Spring Battle, where riders like Moritz Thonen showcase their skills.

Over the years, Absolut Park has continually evolved, pushing the boundaries of terrain park design and freestyle progression. Its reputation for innovative features and perfectly sculpted jumps has attracted elite athletes and film crews alike. So, when you see a rider like Thonen pulling off a jaw-dropping 540 in this iconic park, you know you're witnessing a piece of snowboarding history in the making.

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